Membership Information



Membership in Jack & Jill is by invitation only. However, this should not preclude anyone from seeking membership. As long as a potential candidate for membership knows a mother currently in the Jack and Jill Chapter of which she is seeking membership, she should contact that mother for more information about becoming her sponsor.
New member intake generally begins in December and concludes with a formal application deadline and payment of an application fee. The annual deadline for potential new members is the last day in February (28th or 29th depending upon Leap Year). Legacy applicants (candidates who were members of Jack & Jill as children) must submit their application to National by January 31st. Once a Legacy application is verified, that candidate is automatically granted acceptance into the chapter, however, she must go through the orientation and installation process with the non-Legacy candidates.
Members of Jack & Jill are required to be active participants. This includes serving on a committee, and eventually chairing a committee and/or being a Group Leader if there are aspirations to hold an elected office in the chapter in the future.
Members must ALWAYS do the following to remain in good standing, and to avoid having their membership terminated:

  • Attend at least 3 chapter meetings (there are 5 total per year)

  • Must be financially current with dues, assessments, etc.

  • Must serve on at least one committee


For more information, please email:

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